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Thank you so much Gail for your unending quest for excellence in breeding. I just want you to know that you have, indeed, succeeded!!!  Leyla is a true testament to that fact!!! She has brought  pure JOY to our home and we wonder how we lived without her!!! She has this entire family enthralled!! We all thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!!! 
 Gail you have always been there for me at answering  my questions and responding to them.
You have been great !!!!
I would not think twice about getting another kitten from you and would certainly recommend you to anyone.
Thank You so much for my little button 
Linda in Ohio


Hi Gail,
This is a testimonial to your incredible breeding program.  My Winston is the most gorgeous Ragdoll I could have imagined--beautiful markings, beautiful expressive eyes and a great big bushy tail!  That's not the best part!  He is a great lovebug.  He meets me at the door, cuddles on my lap for hugs, loves to play and is happy to sleep by my side!  I and my family were so impressed with your obvious dedication to this breed.  You have a small cattery and you socialize your kitties so well.  The transition to Winston's new home was without a hitch--no issues with the litter box, scrathcing post, food, etc.  
I will be more than happy to recommend you as an honest, forthright and dedicated breeder and you can invite adopters to contact me.
Thanks again for my purrfect Ragdoll!
Margy in NC


Dear Gail,
I am writing to let you know that Zeb is such a wonderful addition to our household.  He immediately got along with our other three Rags who are 11 years old. He is so gentle and loving.  His disposition is wonderful.  Your description of him as "Big, sweet boy"  was right on target. He is really growing and becoming even more handsome as time goes by as you can see by his picture (but he really looks even better in person!).
I am so grateful to you for bringing our wonderful Zeb into this world and to us.  We love him and love being with him.  I think he is very happy with his new life with us and he purrs all the time!
He is 5 months old now and weighs 10 1/2 pounds.  We call him our "gentle giant".  He is really perfect in every way.
Thank you again for Zeb.
Claire in MD



How can I thank you enough for this wonderful kitten?  Bentley is just perfect in every way.  He is healthy, beautiful, playful, self-confident, and inquisitive -- yet so loving and affectionate.  Just 13 weeks old and already such a cuddler and a lap-kitty!  He has excellent litter box and scratching post habits. He waltzed into our home (and hearts!) with his head and tail held high like he owned the place!  To say that we are thrilled with him in every way is an understatement.  We simply couldn’t have wished for more.

I don’t know what magic you work with your kittens, Gail, but Bentley sure seems to have been sprinkled with pixie dust!  Thank you so very much.

Barry and Lynn in PA



 Annie has brought so much joy and comfort to me.  She still has about 3 times a day where she plays with lots of energy, then sleeps or eats the rest of the time.  She likes to be on the lap or next to you, but also sleeps while I work on top of my file cabinet.  I wake up during the night and she has snuggled in between us, her head next to ours and her body under the covers.  She has not been outside, except in carrier, but heads to the door whenever the dog goes out.  She wants to explore everywhere.  If you leave a closet or cabinet door open, she is right there.  If I don't see her and call her name, she shows herself.  Usually in the same room with us, unless she got left in a room exploring a closet.
I can't imagine a more perfect cat for me.  Thank you. 
Karen in NC


I thought I would let you know that we made it home just fine.  MacGyver seems to enjoy riding in the car and slept most of the way.   He had a great time at the hotel, exploring and playing with the toys I brought with me.  He is very outgoing and had no trouble meeting my son and his girlfriend and they played for quite a while.  It was friends at first site with my Golden Retriever.  I was concerned that Murry would scare MacGyver but he immediately wanted to play. 

Gail  in TN



Kingston is such a big fluffy bundle of joy to have.  He is always happy to see me. I love to hear his little collar bell jingling as he runs wide open through the house to come greet me when I get home. He has the sweetest face, the sweetest personality, and the sweetest meow.  He is my super soft, snuggly and floppy cuddle buddy. He sleeps at the foot of our bed sometimes, and sometimes he sleeps in 'his" bed, and sometimes he plays all night.... but in the mornings, he comes and sits on my chest, puts his nose to mine, meows for me to rub him as he starts purring..I love these moments :)  He also loves to play hide and seek and chase with my husband who was never a "cat person", and now has become one.  Nothing new gets in the house without Kingston checking it out first..he is the investigator of all new things and is always in search of a new box to play in. He is so sweet and so much fun and he is exactly what I needed.. Thanks Gail :)
Julie in AL


I just want to let you know that Desi is really settling in.  He started purring the very first night.  He loves his cat tree and all his toys.  He follows us everywhere we go and just loves to be loved.

Jacquie in NC

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