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A Deposit of $150 (non-refundable) holds the pet kitten.  
Balance due prior to pickup via Money Order, bank check, or Cash.      Sorry but No personal checks.
Price includes alter (spay/neuter), shots, dewormings, TICA registration papers, and food samples. 
Pet prices start from $750 for kittens, less for adults
 Email for Breeder prices.

Janessa playing hide and seek.  She won the game.

No declawing allowed
Kitten/ Cat to be an indoor only pet
Other terms in contract

There are different contracts for pets, breeders, or trades.
If one fails to return a signed contract or doesn't receive a contract then the buyer or recipient of the kitten/cat may have no recourse.
There are certain guarantees from both parties in a pet and a breeder contract.
Email for copy of the actual contract.

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